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Here's to a Happy and Hopeful New Year

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As we come to the end of 2020, many of us are feeling a renewed sense of hope for what the new year will bring. If you have hope for a brighter financial future, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can help.

Personal bankruptcy is an opportunity to take control of your finances and move forward with enthusiasm about your financial situation. When making this important life decision, you’ll want to work with a financial expert who will support you during the bankruptcy process. At Crawford, Smith and Swallow Inc., our Licensed Insolvency Trustee, (LIT) can help you leave behind your previously out-of-control finances and make 2021 a better year. 

Crawford, Smith and Swallow Inc. has over 75 years of experience in offering bankruptcy and consumer proposals in the Niagara region. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee and team of debt management professionals have seen all types of financial situations. We understand the worries our clients may feel about their circumstances, especially as COVID-19 continues to impact our economy. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee will support you without judgement so you can regain control of your personal finances. LITs are the only professionals who can file a bankruptcy or consumer proposal on your behalf, making them credible and trusted debt solution experts. 

When you work with us, we will help you find the best debt relief options or programs to fit your unique needs. We have extensive experience with consumer proposals and bankruptcies for both personal and corporate clients. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee will provide you with an honest assessment of your financial situation and present debt solutions that work for you. We know that discussing finances can be overwhelming and stressful, but we take the time to ensure that you understand the options available to you and how they will impact your situation moving forward. You’ll be well-informed but more importantly, confident, about your decisions to improve your debt. 

If your goal is to move closer to financial freedom, let’s work together to create a hopeful new year.

Contact us for a free consultation with our Licensed Insolvency Trustee to learn more about your debt relief options.

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